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LOUD OST [Boys be LOUD] (2CD) "SALE"


* Shipping starts 10-14-2021 in Korea

* ALL ORDER items will NOT be cancelled after 48 hour grace period from the time of purchase. please guarantee you are sure to make a purchase for an item

* When you purchase with other items the reservation product, and dispatched in accordance with the shipping day of reservation product.

* The outer case is to protect goods. Please note that slight scratches and discoloration of the case is not a defect of the product

VERY IMPORTANT ! -- > Please, film unboxing videos for your items from opening to finishing as your own proof in case of that you did not receive any photo cards or any other inclusions. If not, we can NOT help you

*Please be note that all pre-order benefit is offered only for first press orders.

LOUD OST  [Boys be LOUD] (2CD) "SALE"

LOUD OST [Boys be LOUD] (2CD) "SALE"